Coolest aircraft ever?

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Freeware Excellence: Bell 206 Jetranger III

If you find that the default helicopters in FSX fly like crap then look no further. Eagle Rotocraft Simulations has converted Owen Hewitt’s stunning FS2004 freeware to FSX:


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This addon is a scam!

This website is a scam. Don’t fall for it!

Background info:

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Freeware in progress: Sweden & Norway

The Scandinavian freeware scene is currently blooming like never before. With Lockheed Martin breathing new life into our beloved flight simulator series with Prepar3D, developers again feel that their efforts are worthwhile. Great progress has been done to the Norwegian scenery with 10m mesh and a very detailed vector package currently in beta. Add to that, Lennart Arvidsson (and some good helpers), have continued developmend of a detailed scenery for Sweden with custom autogen, landclass and airports. An example of the custom landclass textures (for both Sweden and Norway) is seen in the screenshot below. Visit the swedish flight sim site for more screens of the work in progress: It is also worth mentioning that the Scandinavian freeware is being developed with ORBX FTX Global users in mind, and to get the best experience, FTX Global is a requirement.


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Freeware Excellence: Dino Cattaneo’s Three Musketeers

Dino Cattaneo is probably the best military aircraft designer in the FS community presently. Since releasing his Boeing T-45C Goshawk he has won the heart of every military sim aircraft aphrodisiac out there. He has followed up with two amazing addons, the F-14D Tomcat and F-35 Lightning II. Better yet, an S-3B Viking is in the works! Not only is Dino’s aircraft above most payware addons, he also supports all plaforms (FSX, P3D and P3D v2 – where his F-35 i included as a default aircraft) and makes updates so frequently that one has to wonder if the man ever sleeps. Download his musketeers here (and don’t forget to hit that donate button):




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Freeware Excellence: High Definition Environment v2 (HDEv2)

There’s no need to buy a payware cloud replacement addon. HDE v2 by Pablo Diaz brings you photo-realistic texture pack for free that will change the aspect of your Clouds (cumulus, stratus, cirrus), sky color, aircraft reflections and ground detail. Beware that this package is for FS9, but the cloud textures will work in FSX. Download here:

There is however a conversion of the sky textures from FS9 to FSX standard by Danny Glover available here:

Both packages requires manual installation, so backup the files to be replaced first (just make a zip of the textures folder)!


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Freeware Excellence: Sim Giants Gran Canaria International Airport (GCLP)

A superb airport scenery avilable for free from Sim Giants. (Must be installed into FSX, then copied or ported over to P3D manually).


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