PTA – Best Freeware Of 2016?

Prepar3D Tweak Assistant for Preapr3D v3 is probably the best freeware I’ve tested this year. What it does to increase realism in the sim is simply breathtaking! Again one has to ask why Lockheed Martin can’t include a settings screen to do these lighting adjustments from within P3D without the need for third party software.

All screenshots are P3D default with freeware replacement land class textures by Adam Mills and freeware replacement sky textures from Navid. No scenery addons installed of any kind – apart from PTA tweaks!


Aerofly FS 2 – WOW!

I’ve been tired of FSX for years. Lockheed Martin have done an admirable job converting the aging platform to DX11, removed bugs and improved VAS management, but still, things look pretty outdated. The scenery/terrain engine is in need of a major overhaul, and I’m tired of flying jets at 20-40 fps.

After a very disappointing X-Plane 11 beta demo (It had severe stutters on my system and fps were in the 5-20 range) I decided to check out the new Aerofly FS version. It is still a work in progress, but what software isn’t these days. It took forever to download from Steam, but when you launch it and see the scenery you’ll understand why.

It took me just a couple of minutes to get it running and what a beautiful and fluid experience it was. After doing a couple of flights this sim has won my heart and I’m going to go all in and help these folks weed out the bugs and help improve the platform any way I can.


Comparison of Airport Texture Enhancement Addons

Here’s screenshots showing how Zinertek HD Airport Graphics compares to the new REX Worldwide Airports HD. My setup has Zinertek installed in FSX, REX in Prepar3D V3 and Prepar3D v1 is used to show the default textures.

KANB [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-40-28-234 fsx-2016-11-6_12-26-21-473 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-52-22-119

HLLT [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-41-48-734 fsx-2016-11-6_12-27-18-70p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-53-12-346

VNKT [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-43-25-624 fsx-2016-11-6_12-29-22-37 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-54-19-455

OMAA [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-44-50-288 fsx-2016-11-6_12-30-7-450 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-55-10-445

MGGT [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-46-15-904 fsx-2016-11-6_12-31-33-141 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-56-11-528

EKAH [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-47-45-548 fsx-2016-11-6_12-32-52-204 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-57-20-56

LYPG [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-48-33-600 fsx-2016-11-6_12-33-33-197 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-58-15-546