Official Microsoft Teaser #3 is online!

The third teaser video for Microsoft Flight is out. The video is titled “Lift” and is the second in a series of videos called webisodes. This is the third video published in three months, so I bet there is a good chance of a third webisode appearing in late November.

Even more interesting is that the video seems to be made up of actual in game footage. From the looks of it MS Flight will build on the FSX graphics platform with some cosmetic improvements. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft uses some of the same improvements in the ESP platform as Lockheed Martin’s Prepare3d simulator environment.

As in the previous two videos a Boeing-Stearman Kaydet is featured. The Kaydet was produced between 1934 and 1944 and became the standard trainer of both the US Army Air Corps and the US Navy. Over 8.500 Kaydets were built. After WW2 the aircraft became popular in civilian use as crop dusters and aerobatic aircraft. The Reno Air Races even had a separate Sterman class were modified versions of the Aircraft were used.

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