Who means business?

I consider myself a heavy flight simulator user and buy anything I want for FSX. Spending $2-3000 a year on addons and hardware would be no problem, but I am amazed at how hard some addon developers work to avoid my business. Is there something wrong with my money?

I know piracy is a real concern for many software developers, but I am extremely disappointed when installing an addon turns into a major hassle. I’ve paid for the darn thing and shouldn’t be punished for it by having to do all sorts of chores to get it installed and reinstalled. Besides, your counter piracy efforts are futile. I can find cracked version of your software all over the Internet. In fact, I am tempted to just pay you, then download and use the pirated version instead.

Real Air Simulations which make some of the best aircraft addons on the market. I’ve bought both the SF.260 and Duke, but have refrained from buying any more aircraft since installing and reinstalling is a pain. I really want their Spitfire though, but sadly that isn’t going to happen.

The recent Cessna 310R from Military Visualizations is another addon that I’d like to add to my hangar, but again, I will refrain from buying. Military Visualizations has decided to sell their retail version through the Fligh1 Wrapper, meaning too much hassle for my taste. So sorry folks, if you make it more complicated for me to buy and use your product than downloading it illegally I will not be using your product. Seems I’ll have to throw away my $30 somewhere else.

Then there is website design and marketing in general. Some addon developers really go out of their way to scare off potential customers with rubbish websites, lack of product description and screenshots and even religious propaganda. I guess they’ve all been inspired by Steve Jobs and Apple’s “Fuck you if you don’t like our products” marketing strategy.

For instance, Flight Sim Designs have just released their South Florida X photo scenery. Brought to my attention by Flightsim.com I clicked on the “learn more here” link which led me to the Pilot Shop of Flightsim.com. South Florida X is a 18,8GB download priced at $69,99. In other words, not something I’d buy spontaneously. In the Pilot Shop there are just four screenshots, all of them pretty bad, so I search out Flight Sim Designs website to find some more info and was disappointed once again not to find the info I needed. The product wasn’t even listed on their own download store.

Lionheart Creations have created some really attractive aircraft, but the company seems to be run by a preacher which made me do a quick one-eighty as I entered their website. Sorry folks, but mixing the fun of flight simulator and the seriousness of religion makes for a bad tasting cocktail that I am unwilling to fund.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. Money I’ve saved from not buying certain FSX addons have been well spent elsewhere. You might not have the same preferences I have, so in all fairness I’ve linked to all products mentioned.


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