Exiting times

We live in interesting times, so be aware (Remember the Chineese curse: May you live in interesting times?). The economy of the entire Western World is about to go astray, but the virtual world of flight simming is flooded with great news.

First of all, Microsoft Flight is looking greater and greater with each new set of Hawaiian screenshots. Hopefully we’ll get a demo soon, like the FSX Sint Marteen demo. A bunch of Norwegian web shops anticipate a February 2012 release. I’ve ordered it, so it will be interesting to see when it will finally arrive.

Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D is slowly gaining a larger following, and if Flight fails, Prepar3D is most likely the civilian flight sim platform of the future. I’ve gotten great reports from some highly credible sources about the improved performance and stability Prepar3D has over FSX. In addition the Prepar3D team seems like a very nice bunch answering all our questions and taking notes of our wishes for future upgrades. Big names in the addon industry like Aerosoft, ORBX and REX are getting onboard with Lockheed Martin releasing dedicated addons.

X-Plane 10 is being released before Christmas and it sure looks like a great improvement over X-Plane 9. I’ve never been a keen X-Plane user, mainly because of the dull scenery, but I will give version 10 a try. Constant improvement and updates of their product has won my heart. I also like the openness and clear speech of the developers. Check out their blog here: http://www.x-plane.com/blog/. Some big names in the addon industry are embracing X-Plane as well, Aerosoft being the most recent developer joining the chorus.

Another very interesting title is Take On Helicopters. A beta is released for all to use. That is what I call excellent marketing and customer treatment! I’m no rotorhead, mainly because the choppers in FSX are crap, but this sim looks great. Reports of very realistic handling is certainly a bonus.

Now, don’t get me started on military flight sims. All I wish to say is that the selection of quality titles has never been better: Battle of Britain, Rise of Flight, Falcon 4.32, A-10C Warthog and Black Shark. If you’re interested check out the great reviews and articles on these sims over at SimHQ.



  1. Great newsy material, thanks for this simmerhead, this is the most complete site for keeping us all up to date. That’s why I find the site exciting not exiting (I won’t leave even if you insist)>

  2. Just a further comment, I am quite turned on by P3D at the moment. It has the makings of FSX v3 that we should have had years ago. But it does need Lockheed Martin to allow their developers to continue to work on the PC training market, ie us.

    The last FLIGHT video also shows potential, but MS is going to need to get it beyond Hawaii as quickly as possible. They will discover that serious simmers are a well-heeled community will respond if they do, but if FLIGHT stays in Hawaii too long, the kids will get bored and the serious guys who want to shoot approaches in real weather will be elsewhere.

    • I worked on a benchmark and test of P3D when my computer died. I compared it to FSX – both clean installs with no addons on a computer with a fresh windows 7 install. I can say that there was little if any difference in performance between the two, and the current version of P3D has some annoying bugs. Lockheed Martin has a great team working on it, but I fear that the market they are developing and catering for will prevent this from becoming a hit within the simming community.

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