Three weeks with FSX on the new PC

Current hardware can boost your FSX experience considerably, and for much less money than you might think. I’ve just built a rig based on Corsair, Asus and Intel components which makes FSX fly. I paid less money for this “monster PC” than I did for my old “average PC” six years ago. However, FSX is still full of bugs and have some issues when used on 64 bit Windows operating systems. It can’t take full advantage of today’s multi core CPUs and large amounts of RAM. The latest graphics cards are pure overkill as well. I’m in the process of installing Prepar3D as well and it will be interesting to see how it compares to FSX.

So what are my experiences after three weeks on my new PC?

The good:
* SSDs make loading flights and updating REX textures much faster.
* SSDs also make time consuming defragging obsolete! HURRAH!
* I ran a stress test in the default F/A-18 around Ketchikan in ORBX scenery with every slider at maximum and all goodies enabled, including shadows and bloom. It ran like clockwork. No problem loading textures and autogen when flying close to the ground at 700 kts! The occational stutter was there of course, but they’re there at low settings as well.Fps from 15-40.

The bad:
* A few minor tweaks were necessary to get FSX running stable (HighMemFix=1, UIAutomationCore.dll)
* There are still occasional stutters and blurry textures caused by poor coding in the original FSX software. My CPU for instance is only running at 10-20% of maximum capacity with FSX running, memory usage is rarely above 4 MB, and the fans on my nVidia 580 GTX barely moves.

I’m currently making a install and tweak guide for my own reference that I will share on the blog once it is finished.

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