The Cat’s out of the Bag

Finally some valuable news from Microsoft regarding their upcoming Flight (simulator). As a 20+ years Flight Simulator supporter it took me a while to calm down after reading today’s official Flight fact sheet. Surprised, shocked, disappointed, yet not that surprised after all, pretty much sums up how I feel.

Microsoft Flight will be released as a download only game in spring of 2012. The initial download will be free of charge and include Hawaii scenery and one aircraft only, the Icon A5. Additional scenery, aircraft, missions etc. can be purchased and downloaded separately. Microsoft promises stunning realism, exciting gameplay in a game optimized for average PC users.

The announcement of Flight back in August 2010 really got me excited about flight simming again. Finally Microsoft were back with the best civilian flight simulator of all time. As the official videos and screenshots were released there was much to be excited about. Stunning cockpit graphics, improved scenery and environment graphics. It all looked so promising, but what Microsoft didn’t bother to tell us was that they really killed the flight simulator franchise with the closure of the ACES-studio back in 2008. Flight is not the return of the award winning franchise, it is a slap in the face of every loyal flight simulator fan.

One can speculate as to why Microsoft has chosen this path, but that would be futile. It isn’t impossible that Flight will become a huge success, but I see many loyal fans now turning their back on Microsoft looking elsewhere for their daily virtual fix.



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