During the last year I’ve established a nice little reader base for my blog, so to start things off: I’ll be blogging for another year. There are just too few active flight sim blogs around, so I’m going to try and keep mine updated at least once every week, weather permitting.

 As for content I am narrowing things down a bit. Firstly I’m going to keep the posts short and to the point. Probably not going to save me time writing, but hopefully save you time reading. Secondly I’ll be focusing more on a few selected topics.

The Simmerhead Blog 2012 edition is:
* A blog about flight simulators oriented towards civilian aviation.

 The Simmerhead Blog 2012 edition will focus on the following topics:
* Mini-reviews of addons for Microsoft FSX.
* Ongoing review and comments on Microsoft FLIGHT. Part 2 and 3 of the review are almost finished.
* Monitor the progress of X-Plane 10, aeroflyFS and Prepar3D.
* Monitor the online flight simulator community – Where is this hobby of ours heading?

 The Simmerhead Blog 2012 edition will also include:
 * A growing list of flight simulator website links.
* A growing list of great flight simulator tutorials and resources to help you become a better virtual aviator. Please share your best links if you see them missing!

If you’d like a write up on a particular topic, just leave a comment and your wish might be granted. Thanks to all my readers and commenters. Hope you’ll stick around in 2012 as well!


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