It’s official. FLIGHT will be released February 29th. The latest webisode is a bit of fresh air from Microsoft. With all the negativity that has surrounded community websites and the official Facebook and Youtube pages it is a bold move to show the faces behind the software. In my opinion this kind of video should have been released a long time ago to show that some kind of humanity exists over at Microsoft.

If they manage to make exiting missions this might be a fun game for the kids. However I know few kids that get exited about Kaydets and Mustangs. When I was a kid it was the roar of an F-16 flying overhead that got my blood boiling, not a piston powered aircraft barely moving across the sky.

There are some hints in the video of IFR flying capabilities, so it is definitely more than just an arcade game. How many simulation elements they have brought over from FSX still remains to be seen. The bad news is the pricing. Adding missions, scenery and aircraft looks very expensive.

PS! Seem like Microsoft is tired of the abuse from angered fans and have started moderating comments on their YouTube-page. Cowardly, but probably a smart move.



  1. It’s not all bad. Some great models, great scenery, as far as I am concerned it will be worth a try. But as a freemium the test will be how long will it take to get additional scenery available, additional aircraft and is freeware out of bounds. Or do the scenery and aircraft developers swallow their pride and go the way of the cheap but multiferious Apple apps.

    Also weather, procedures beyond the simplistic aircraft presented, modules etc. There is a lot to know. But as a piece of art and skilful photography, the video, comes across well.

    • No, it’s not all bad and we’ll have to wait and see what direction the addons take, but so far I’m not at all enthusiastic. To put that into perspective, I’ve bought every version since 5.1, including offical addons, expansion packs, pro and deluxe editions! If Microsoft had made FS11 and offered addons through their own FLIGHT store I’d be one of those who’d fork out at least $1000 a year. Instead they’ll get nothing from me…

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