I strongly recommend that you read Francois Dumas heartfelt comment on Microsoft and FLIGHT here:

 All I can say is that I agree with much of what he’s saying. I’ve been a Microsoft user since scrapping my Amiga 500 in 1991 and with a few exceptions I’ve been very happy with their products – and I’ve got a huge collection of them. Windows, Office, Flight Simulator, mice, keyboards and joysticks.

 While I still try to keep a small flame of optimism burning, I’m preparing for the worst. FLIGHT does look like a disaster. Microsoft can manage well without loyal customers like me, but I have to do the right thing to get piece of mind. They’ve stopped developing my favorite software of all time so why would I spend any more money with them. It is a decision that affects me as a corporate business man and the go-to guy when it comes to computers for my friends and family, and their friends. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m heading over to the Apple Store…


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