If Microsoft FLIGHT has succeeded in one thing it is engaging fans of the Flight Simulator franchise. For AVSIM the negativity, breaching of NDA contracts and members attacking eachother became unbarable and the FLIGHT forum is now closed:




  1. I think Tom Allensworth was worried about the bad publicity that AVSIM was generating for Flight. The question is why. Locking a topic and then informing everyone of its imminent deletion, is a drastic and undemocratic step, and seems to fit in very well with Microsoft’s idea of how to run things – via manipulation. He may well have had some pressure from Microsoft to do that. It wouldn’t surprise me. Or it might just be commercial pressure.

    I personally think it was wrong to lock the forum because it was a good place to vent. People want to be heard. Although there were a few stupid comments there, many offered fair criticism towards the business model Microsoft had chosen – locked DLC, and development by invite only.

    AVSIM, like Microsoft, has become too large, too commercial and too arrogant for anything good to come out of it.

  2. Typical for Tom Allensworth. I lost respect for him back when their servers crashed and they had insufficient backup mechanisms. They cried “boo hoo” and begged and pleaded for people to give them ridiculous amounts of money so they could recover from what in the end was their own damn fault. Yep, Tom is all for censorship. Seen it before and we’ll see it again.

    • I’m all for cencorship – as long as I’m the cencor! 😉

      Tom is just a flight simmer like the rest of us, so give him a break. He’s done a lot more good than bad for the community. Let’s focus the energy on the really bad guys and stop throwing darts at fellow simmers, please.

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