FSXAirport is an iPad app developed by Judy Collins. It lets you view airport data and diagrams, and gives you information about runways. What could have been a handy app is sadly nothing more than a poorly designed database of useless info.

The problem is that a lot of vital airport information is missing. For instance, it only lists runways in one direction. For ENTC there are two ILS frequencies listed for Runway 1. Surely one of the ILS frequencies are for RW19, but which? The database doesn’t include other handy information like tower, ground, ATIS, VOR or NDB frequencies.

The diagram is also totally useless. While it shows the layout of the airport it contains no other data than the placement of the PAPIs. As such the ability to view a Google sattelite image of the airport is a nice feature, sadly the only one.

For now I’d recommend using the free and nicely designed database at instead. FSXAirport is a waste of time, money and bytes on my iPad.

Rating: 1/6.



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