New blog about FSX missions

You may have noticed that this blog hasn’t seen much original content this fall. That is simply because I’ve been busy working on other projects, and setting up a new blog called FSXplorer.

I rarely have time to fly these days, so I decided to focus on the missions in FSX instead. Most of them takes just 15-45 minutes, so they squeeze in perfectly in my tight schedule. Previously I hadn’t tried many of the default missions, but now I am hooked and determined to fly through every single one and earn most of the rewards available.

I’m having such a blast that I thought I’d blog about my experience. Hopefully the new blog can be of help to novice flight simmers not ready or wanting to dive into the deep dark world of high fidelity fully simulated aircraft addon stuff, yet…

If FSX “the game” is of any interest to you please visit


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