Svolvær (upper right) and Kabelvåg (down left) are a small town and village situated in the scenic Lofoten Islands, Arctic Norway. The surrounding terrain consists of steep grass-covered mountains with small patches of deciduous boreal forest and bog/marsh. (Google Earth contains no image of the area).


In FSX these places have been completely left out and replaced with conifer forest. Svolvær, a town of 4000+ inhabitants should be situated on the foreground islands surrounding the ferry. The mountains have been covered in grass, which is spot on.


The default Prepar3D scenery isn’t much better and the town and village has been turned into farmland and conifer forests.


Cloud9’s XClass has acknowledged the presence of civilization in the area. Both the town and village is present, and the conifer forest has been replaced with mixed forests and deciduous forests.


The Scenerytech Landclass is almost as bad as the default FSX scenery. They have used a more proper forest landclass, however it is too dense and cover too much of the mountains. The town and village are completely missing.


Ultimate Terrain X isn’t perfect either. The foreground town, Svolvær, is too rural, and the village in the background has been turned into farmland. The vegetation on the mountains is decent, but the large mountain in the background has been covered in forest, which is plain wrong.

Conclusion: Yet again it is interesting to see how different all these developers have applied landclass to an area. It is hard to pick a favourite, but I’d say Cloud9 has done the best job overall, although they’ve made the area too foresty. Still, none of screenshots above has managed to give an accurate representation of the area. It could have been done a lot better.

Tomorrow we’ll move south to Montenegro and the small city of Budva. Stay tuned!

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