Crne Gora is a stunningly beautiful mountainous country in the Balkans. Budva is a town of 18.000 inhabitants not far from Tivat Airport which has one of the most spectacular approaches of any airport in Europe. Above Budva lies steep mountains partially covered in dark pine trees.


FSX has really given Montenegro a dreadful treatment. The coastline isn’t even recognisable, and as for landclass it is an almost complete miss. The dark green mountains that has given name to the country is turned into a beige sandy landscape, and the city of Budva has been displayed as farmland.


Prepar3D has done a bit better than FSX with the landclass assignments and with a little less farmland up in those mountains it would have been very convincing.


While Cloud9 has understood what Montenegro means, they have completely left out a town of 18.000 inhabitants. The default P3D scenery is way better!


Scenerytech’s rendition of the area is very similar to that of Prepar3D. Budva is there, but it does look more like a village than a town.

Conclusion: Ultimate Terrain X Europe doesn’t cover this area, hence no UTX screenshot. Best of the bunch is Prepar3D, with Scenerytech as a close second. Both Cloud9’s XClass and the default FSX scenery is unusable for this area.

Tomorrow we’re moving further south to Sicily. Stay tuned!


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