Situated in Northern Albania by the shore of Lake Shkoder, the city of Shkoder is the perfect place to get a taste for the history and future of Albania. The nearby defunkt Gjadër Air Base tells a fascinating story of Albania’s military during its isolation years.


The default FSX scenery isn’t bad and makes a decent representation of the area. The mix of cool and dry crops look a bit strange though. However the countryside is way too poulated.


Prepar3D isn’t much different from FSX, but it has more farmland in the left side of the screenshot, which is both correct and wrong at the same time. Just as the FSX scenery the countryside is a bit too populated.


XClass is better than both FSX and P3D. Cloud9 has less forest vegetation, which is spot on, but have missed a lot of farmland and surrounding villages.


Scenerytech has done a very good job with the city and surrounding villages and farmland. They have gone a bit overboard with the forest though. They’ve also made the area very dry.


UTX has selected very dry textures for their farmland also. It’s not bad, but just as with the defualt FSX and P3D scenery, the farmland area is a bit too populated. Strangely UTX has done nothing for rivers and coastline in this area, but then again, it is not listed as a covered area in the advertisment, so this must be a bonus area from Scenery Solutions?

Conclusion: Well, I’d say that in terms of accuracy it is a tie between Cloud9 and SceneryTech. In a few days I’ll be drawing an overall conclusion and rating of the featured products. Doing this review has surprised me, and I find it strange that it hasn’t been done before since these products are pretty old. Stay tuned!



    • Haven’t tried it, but I’d guess it’s safe as long as you don’t install the optional textures and lockup changes. I don’t use it anymore, but the easiest and safest way to do it is to install it in FSX, then add it from there in the P3D2 scenery library. It’s just one bgl file.

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