Clean Sheets

I haven’t really gotten into blogging again after returning from the woods this summer. Some personal matters have required most of my attention and time lately, and it seems I will have to scale down my flight sim activity considerably. That said, I’m not going into hiding. Instead I am narrowing down the focus of this blog.

Since I have recently reinstalled Windows and all my software I thought it fitting to blog about the process of installing flight simulators, configuring them and sharing some thoughts about the addons I use or don’t use. Hopefully there will be something to learn for both novice and experienced simmers. Also, I tend to learn a lot myself by writing. It often reveals gaps in my knowledge and cracks in my logic, and in this hobby knowledge is power! Let’s face it. It takes quite an effort to make these old sims look good. Even the new version of Prepar3D will still pretty much looks like FSX – an ancient piece of software made three versions of Windows ago. I will make tiny reviews of all my addons, payware and freeware, as I install them in FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D 1.4 and Prepar3D 2.0. I might even throw in a few dispatches from various flights I’m doing as well.

Feel free to comment, ask questions or correct me if I’m wrong. I will make all the tutorials into downloadable documents so anyone can save them for future reference.

Yes, I still have all versions of Microsoft's Flight Simulator installed!
Yes, I still have all versions of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator installed!

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