The Preapar3D v2 Diary #1: VAS Bug?

It’s been a week since I got P3D2 up and running, and needless to say I haven’t been spending much time doing anything but tweaking lately. To be more precise, I’ve been struggling to avoid CTDs, OOMs and other strange happenings in P3D2. I even had to do a full benchmark of my computer and stress test both FSX and P3D1.4 to be sure it wasn’t my computer it was something wrong with. In the end I decided to uninstall and reinstall P3D2 only to discover more bugs.

I’m realistic. I’ve got a two year old computer, so I’ve been running at very moderate settings, but it seems P3D2 doesn’t like that you enter the display settings menu too often. VAS usage will increase almost every time you change something, and before you know it you are way past the comfort zone. Even if you decide to start turning down settings or restart your flight, your VAS usage will not go back down. The only way to remedy this is to exit and restart the sim. This does not bode well for adding heavy addons into the sim.

As the picture below illustrates, I’m a KJFK with every scenery feature turned off or reduced to its lowest setting, still P3D2 uses over 3,1GB of VAS and tax my graphics card for 1129MB of VRAM.



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