The Preapar3D v2 Diary #2: Point of no return

It’s been almost a month since release, and it has been a rollercoaster ride. I’ve now solved most of my OOM issues and know how to avoid most of the bugs that plague the RTM version of P3D v2. Even when the bugs are sorted, there are still many issues and features for Lockheed Martin to work on before I can call P3D v2 anything more than an FSX service pack. The atmospheric effect of HDR lighting and shadows does improve immersion, but it soon becomes second nature, and then I am back craving for the same upgrades that were missing in FSX and P3D1.4. But, I’ve reached the point of no return, and P3D is now the only flight simulator in active use. Some improvement is better than no improvement!



  1. I’m with you Simmerhead. P3Dv2 does give me more smooth and I am fortunate, I never suffered the OOM bug. Yes it is still an improved FSX but it will be always thus, given the fact LM are using the MS ESP. But at least it is going somewhere.

    My problem with FSX is that I probably and perversely got more pleasure from tweaking than I did flying!

  2. You are so right Ian! I have only one tweak in P3D2 as of now, and that is disabeling the autogen popping which doesn’t work with max autogen density. With P3D we’re actually going somewhere!

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