2014: Focus on P3Dv2 and Freeware

As I’ve decided to drop purchasing more payware I’m on constant lookout for good freeware. As such the blog will feature highlights from my freeware collection tried and tested in Prepar3D v2 – my current simulator of choice.

I recommend that you keep a “fake” and almost empty FSX folder structure to install addons that have dedicated installers. This way you can just copy things over to P3D afterwards. I also like to zip each addon for future use to save me from doing the install routine ever again.

I’m also installing World of AI packages into Prepar3D v2. Most of them work OK, but some that contain very old models and textures that can create various kinds of trouble (Kernelbase.dll CTDs when loading or saving flights, or g3d.dll CTDs when coming close to uncompatible AI aircraft). I’ll make alist of the packages to avoid for P3D v2 (and in most cases P3D1.X too!)!


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