P3D Diary: Devils Lake Fire Rings

This is a small Easter Egg (for the lack of a better term) inherited from FSX. Take off from Devils Lake Regional Airport (KDVL) and head north 355° and you’ll get to the four barnstorming fire rings that lies west of Cavanaugh Lake. The exact position is N48°14.57′ W98°54.38′.

Default scenery (wrong and inaccurate landclass for the area)

Sadly the default scenery has little to offer. It looks nothing like the real life area and doesn’t reflect the rural and scarely populated prarie that surrounds Devils Lake. If you have the old SceneryTech landclass addon it will do the area a lot more justice.

SceneryTech landclass (much better an accurate use of landclass, and more accurate representation of villages and towns)

Why Microsoft’s ACES team chose to put these fire rings just north of Devils Lake is a mystery. Whatever the reason, I’d like to pay a tribute to all the folks that have been hit hard by the massive flood problems that continues to threaten many of the farms surrounding the lake. If you’d like to do a short flight as you explore the fire rings, take off from KDVL, fly through the rings, then head up for a T&G at Anderson Private Airport (NA10) – a nice big grass strip, then land at Cando Municipal (9D7). I used the default Alabeo Extra 300, but a good old fashioned barnstormer would be just as suitable.


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