Does Addon Mesh Matter?

Here’s a quick comparison of three mesh products I’ve been using in Prepar3D v3.1: FS Global 2008, FS Genesis World Terrain Mesh X and the freeware FreeMesh X Global. It would have been nice to have the latest and greatest FS Global mesh from Pilot’s, but I can’t afford it, so sorry, it’s not part of the comparison. Screenshots are from Antonio Nariño Airport (IATA: PSO, ICAO: SKPS). Landclass is by SceneryTech and not the default P3D landclass.


At first, FS Genesis looked a tad more accurate than Pilot’s FS Global 2008 when comparing the mesh to the Google Earth image. But, when looking at some real life footage (see link to youtube-video above) from the area, it becomes clear that in fact Freemesh X is the clear and undisputed winner. So it seems in the world of mesh products you can have the cake and eat it too. Anyway,  here are the screenshots in HD, so judge for yourself:

Default Preapr3D v3.1 Mesh
FreeMesh X Global 1.05
FS Genesis World Mesh X
Pilot’s FS Global 2008
Google Earth

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