ATW – Back to Square One

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I did a classic mistake rarely tolerated in aviation. I started my around the world (ATW) flight with little or no planning, and got stuck somewhere in Africa. A little bit wiser, and with a new plan, I’m now back (at square one).

It so happened that while cruising at 35′ feet above Ethiopia I got an idea. I had a vanilla Prepar3D v2.5. installed that wasn’t really used for anything except some scenery and airport development projects, so why not use it as my ATW simulator, and use ONLY freeware addons. No ORBX, no Pilot’s FS Global mesh or weather, no PMDG or A2A – just freeware. And better yet, why not share the best of the best freeware addons with you all as I progress and test them out.

I’m now on my 6th leg and will start my dispatches soon. All the approved and appraised freeware will be showcased on a parallel blog I’ve created called P3D Freeware. Chek it out here:



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