Downtime & PC Upgrade

My computer has turned 5 years old and with Prepar3D getting hotter with each new update I’m getting restless. My Intel i7 2700K, Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z & Asus NVidia GTX 580 have served me very well. It is time to build a new PC, but two things made me wait.

NVidia is probably releasing their new GPUs “Pascal” in Q2 of this year, so wasting money on a GTX 980 seems like, well, a waste… Also, Intel is probably arriving with their 10nm Canonlake CPUs sometime in the first half of 2017, so to me it makes sense to wait with a new build until fall of 2017.

When I build computers I buy top of the line stuff (albeit, not the extreme variants). That has served me well in the past, and during the last 21 years I’ve only needed 4 PCs. Also I’ll be getting a 65″ 4K TV for my sim next time around, and that will challenge even the mighty GTX 980.

Instead I’m replacing my GTX 580 with a GTX 970, getting some new and faster DDR3 RAM, new Intel 730 SSDs and will hope and pray that the rest of the parts will keep on keeping on for another year and a half (I replace all my hard drives every 2 years). In other words, I’ll be busy dismanteling my PC, cleaning all the parts and putting it back together again. Fingers crossed, I’ll be back simming in a week or so. The mechanics only takes an afternoon of work, but getting all the software, sims and addons up and running takes quite a while.


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