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Back in the Saddle

Back in the saddle after my usual summer hiatus. Things are looking brighter than ever, and these are some of the news that has caught my attention during this fall:

Happy simming to all. See you in cyberspace!

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Despite the great and groundbreaking quality of addons being released for the FSX platform these days there are many black clouds looming on the horizon. Change often come on cat’s paws, meaning that most people will never know what hit them before it is too late to do anything about it. Those embracing the status quo and labeling all those worried as pessimists are making me even more worried. The time to start mending the roof is when the sun is shining, and development of a new flight sim platform should have been started years ago.

Outerra has been in the works for years. It is not a flight simulator per se, but a planetary terrain engine. As such it has great potential as a foundation for any kind of simulator. Even at this early stage this terrain engine is capable of a much more realistic and immersive environment than FSX or X-Plane. These lates videos with imported 3D models really show what can be done. Just imagine the ability to use all kinds of vehicles in such a realistic environment!

Plains, trains, cars, trucks, motorcycles and ships could all be simulated in the same engine creating endless possibilities for developers to create interactive and profitable products. A simulator of all things would attrackt a much larger following than just a flight simulator. You could fly to one destination and jump on a motorcycle to explore it from the ground or drive to the next. Tie it to an app store which makes purchasing and updating the software easy as a breeze and you have a winner. It would even be possible to sell virtual land for scenery developers to construct scenery under certain conditions.

Anyway, these videos makes me really optimistic. With very little money and resources someone has managed to create this. Imagine what a little money invested into this could mean for the future of this hobby:

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Nice writeup and screenshots from Outerra here:

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I’ve been following the progress of the Outerra planitary engine for some time and finally there is a public demo for download. Having seen many of the youtube videos and screenshots I was eager to experience this amazing software first hand. Playing around with it for an hour just looking at the scenery has been a blast. Even without any detailed scenery whatsoever Outerra blows X-Plane 10, Flight, FSX and AeroflyFS out of the water. It is simply stunning. It just looks so much more real and plausible. It is the perfect backdrop for any flight, car or train simulator. Outerra has also developed some great and userfriendly tools to add scenery objects and roads – hopefully this will be a complete scenery building tool in the future. If expanded these tools can make anyone into a freeware scenery developer in minutes! I encourage anyone to download this small demo to try it first hand. You’ll be amazed. Please support the guys over at Outerra. There is no better starting point for a new simulator than Outerra at the moment. If these guys could get together with SCS Software, ORBX, Aerosoft, Flight1, Railsimulator and the like, simulatorfans from all over the world could finally be taken into simulator heaven and the 21st Century! If there is one platform worthy of DLC and gradual development it must be Outerra. Download the demo for free here, but please give your support and buy the Anterworld game as well. These guys deserve a beer on any simfan’s tab!

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Impressive Outerra Beta Video

I’ve been following the development of Outerra for a couple of years with great interest. The planet rendering system has a lot of potential for use in a simulator, and even though autogen objects and textures are limited at the moment, it looks way better and more realistic than Microsoft’s ESP engine. Enjoy the video:

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