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Comparison of Airport Texture Enhancement Addons

Here’s screenshots showing how Zinertek HD Airport Graphics compares to the new REX Worldwide Airports HD. My setup has Zinertek installed in FSX, REX in Prepar3D V3 and Prepar3D v1 is used to show the default textures.

KANB [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-40-28-234 fsx-2016-11-6_12-26-21-473 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-52-22-119

HLLT [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-41-48-734 fsx-2016-11-6_12-27-18-70p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-53-12-346

VNKT [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-43-25-624 fsx-2016-11-6_12-29-22-37 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-54-19-455

OMAA [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-44-50-288 fsx-2016-11-6_12-30-7-450 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-55-10-445

MGGT [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-46-15-904 fsx-2016-11-6_12-31-33-141 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-56-11-528

EKAH [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-47-45-548 fsx-2016-11-6_12-32-52-204 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-57-20-56

LYPG [Default -> Zinertek -> REX]

p3dv1-2016-11-6_12-48-33-600 fsx-2016-11-6_12-33-33-197 p3dv3-2016-11-6_12-58-15-546

FSX10: Things-To-Come

Things-To-Come were founded by  Frank Maetzler and Jurgen Altzieble in 2003 and grew into a notable addon developer for FS2004. But their masterpiece was made for FSX (Acceleration), namely the default airport of Edwards Air Force Base (KEDW). They even had the opportunity to visit the real KEDW during the development phase (lucky bastards!). Their website is still up, but unfortunately the download links seems to be broken. Some really cool freeware to be found there: http://www.things-to-come.com/downloads/

Things-to-come also made one of the coolest FSX films to date, using their scenery as backdrop:

FSX10: Stan LePard

In wake of the 10 year anniversary of FSX I’ll be doing some tributes to those who were involved in the making of the greatest flight simulator in history.

First out is Stan LePard who did the soundtrack for FSX. Love or hate the music, but in my mind the new user interface and the background music was one of the things that really augmented the leap forward that FSX represented.

You can check out some old FSX tunes or listen to a ton of other stuff from Stan LePard here: https://soundcloud.com/stanlepard. LePard also made the music for MIcrosoft’s Combat Simulator III.

You can learn more about LePard here: http://stanlepardmusic.com/?page_id=8

FSX Celebrating 10 Years!

The best and worst flight simulator in history is 10 years old. Official US release was October 10th 2006.

I can still remember how blown away I was when I had my first flight over Friday Harbour, and all the frustration I had in the following years trying to make it look even better. Despite all the technical problems FSX was a commercial success and laid the foundation for Flight, FSX-SE and Prepar3D which is my current simulator of choice.

What better way to walk down memory lane than look at this video (first video I saw of FSX) and listen to Hal Bryan (Former FS Community Evangelist, and part of the FS team since the late 1990s) on the FSElite podcast: